We bring together an expert approach to heritage and a creative sense of design informed by place. When designing Aerospace Bristol, we were able to create an award-winning museum because we expertly understood the sensitivity of the site and its cultural heritage, enabling us to deeply respond to its collection and the brief.

Liz Smith, Head of Architecture

Our heritage represents the community and the cultural identity of the people around it and is an important thread that runs throughout what we do. Cultural projects — museums, galleries, theatres and visitor attractions — have been a mainstay of Purcell's existence since our practice began, and we have an expertise in gaining and navigating Heritage Lottery Funding which is valuable to our cultural sector clients.

As the world’s cultural landscape becomes increasingly diverse, we quickly respond to these advancing shifts and help bring our clients’ imaginative aspirations to life to be enjoyed by a variety of cultural organisations and communities.

From restoring and reinventing historic houses to adding accessible visitor centres and ticketing facilities within cherished cultural venues, our creative approach allows us to excel in producing excellent design in historic spaces. Our experience in sensitively designing contemporary structures is also extensive, and we enable architectural heritage to be relevant today and into the future.

Our team has a vast body of knowledge on how to manage the environmental constraints, objects and collections in historic buildings whilst using sustainable design. Our approach not only addresses the varying technical requirements of cultural institutions but brings these requirements together to create a beautiful space that respects and upholds the unique history of the site.