Burderop Park is a Grade II-listed site on the edge of the Marlborough Downs, within the North Wessex Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The site includes modern office buildings and a Grade II*-listed Manor House, alongside numerous Grade II-listed outbuildings and structures. The site includes walled gardens, a granary, Tudor wing, stable blocks and Burderop lodge and cottage.

Purcell has achieved Planning and Listed Building Consent from Swindon Borough Council for the restoration and conversion of listed buildings within Burderop Park into a residential development alongside a master plan of new build dwellings. The client’s brief was to create an inspiring new residential development through the creative conversion of the historic buildings and sympathetic new buildings within the park.

The masterplan proposes simple groupings of new buildings arranged to create courtyards and gardens of a similar scale to those around the manor house. The courtyards are designed to be informal, with some more regular communal spaces also created. The courtyards provide access to each house and comprise lawned areas and planting, giving privacy to each home, as well as hard landscaping for vehicle access and parking. The houses are organised in an informal way around these squares to create different elevations. Within these groupings, there is a consistency of scale, materials and architectural detail.

The architectural approach for the new houses is inspired by the simple forms and traditional details of the historic buildings in and around Burderop Park. The sizes of the new houses have been kept to a smaller scale compared to the principal Manor House meaning the new houses are clearly ancillary buildings within the Estate, and of secondary importance to the main listed building. Our initial design thoughts encompassed long, pitched roofs, broken up with simple chimneys, a range of scales, heights, and articulation, all executed to a high standard using natural materials and traditional details.

The masterplan includes the conversion of the Manor House into 8 residential apartments, conversion of the Tudor Wing, North Wing, Stable Block, Cottage, Restaurant and Gate House to residential use, retention of the existing Granary building as a safeguarded vacant building, due to its value as a habitat for existing bats, demolition of the three modern office Pavilion buildings that detract from the character of the existing buildings, and the construction of 39 new residential properties to the north of the existing avenue as well as 12 new residential properties to the south. The walled garden is to be restored, including the introduction of a productive community garden, communal orchard and 3 new residential properties.