Barlborough Hall School is currently in use as a private school within the Barlborough Hall Estate. Due to stylistic similarities with his other work, it is thought to have been designed by famous Elizabethan architect Robert Smythson. Both the house and its courtyard buildings are set in extensive Grade II-listed grounds, which are included in Historic England’s Register of Parks and Gardens.

The Hall’s ancillary buildings have varying dates, reflecting the fact that the house and its grounds have been subject to regular change. Further adaptations and new interventions took place during the 1940s when the site was converted into a school.

Purcell was appointed to produce a Conservation Management Plan for the school. The plan includes a statement of significance, details the site’s historical development, current management and maintenance of the school and provides guiding conservation principles to ensure that any future change is managed within a conservation framework.

The overall aim for the site is to establish a balance between the needs and ambitions of the school and the issues facing its historic environment. Barlborough Hall Estate is of national significance and although change will be needed to support the functions of the school, such change should be sustainable and managed to ensure the long-term future of the significant aspects of this historic place.