The Abbey Church of St Laurence, Ampleforth

Ampleforth Abbey is the largest Benedictine monastic community in Britain. The monastery was founded in 1802 and the school opened the following year. Today, Ampleforth College is an independent boarding school for students aged 13 to 18. The community occupies a 19th and 20th Century complex. The Abbey Church was designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott between 1922 and 1954.

The Monastery, North Range

Purcell was commissioned to advise the community on its plans to reorder the Abbey Church and extend the Monastery to provide a new refectory, oratory chapel and cloister. We also prepared quinquennial reports and feasibility studies for the rationalisation and improvement of the monastic living quarters.

Ampleforth Monastery, South Range

We worked closely with the client to ensure a full understanding of the day to day life of the monastery and school, and the community’s broader mission. Drawing on our expertise in the ecclesiastical and education sectors, the team produced a set of proposals that respond to this unique context and enhance the built environment.