A major series of works led by Partner Martin Stancliffe over 15 years has revitalised Wren’s magnificent Cathedral, extending to every part of the building. The works finished in time for the building’s tercentenary in 2010. Working in close cooperation with the Cathedral, our team of architects and consultants has ensured that St. Paul’s has remained open and in use throughout the entire project.

Works have included structural repairs to the peristyle of the dome, reconstruction of the west steps and comprehensive stonework repairs and cleaning. The south churchyard has been reordered to display the remains of the pre-fire Chapter House.

Internal works have included the liturgical reordering of the interior, alongside comprehensive cleaning and relighting schemes. Work extended to the Crypt, where staff, visitor, conference and education facilities have been provided. The OBE Chapel and Nelson’s burial chamber have also been reordered and relit.

The interior was cleaned and reordered to enable the cathedral to speak more clearly to worshipers and visitors alike.

The south churchyard was laid out to enable step free access into the cathedral, and follows archaeologically informed interpretation of the medieval Chapter House.

The crypt provides a warm welcome for visitors. The extensive new facilities do much to support the life and work of the cathedral. New furnishings respect the quality of the building, and are fully reversible.

Equality Act compliant access arrangements have ensured that the Cathedral is now accessible to everyone. The newly repaired and cleaned exterior enhances St Paul’s position at the focal point of the City of London.