We were commissioned to develop a sensitive scheme enhancing the significance of the Grade II listed Silvergate Cottages, transforming them into energy-efficient homes that retain their heritage and character.

Conservation Management Plan

The creation of a Conservation Management Plan helped our team in Norwich develop creative and thoughtful solutions for the restoration of Silvergate Cottages (three cottages within the Blickling estate in Norfolk, England).

Following a fire, much of the building needed repairs and we conducted inspections, cleaning and treatment that led to the majority of the structure being salvaged and repaired which restored the damaged fabric as authentically as possible.

90% of the historic windows were retained and for the windows needing to be replaced, a detailed record was taken, and profiles were matched. Slim double-glazed units incorporated into the replacement windows to increase thermal performance.

Roof restoration

Similarly, the damaged roof structure was replaced in the same configuration as the one lost to the fire. New green oak was used to create the traditional cut roof using traditionally lapped and tenoned joints crafted by hand.

The thatched roof includes a full layer of fire resistance boarding to prevent fire ingress in the future, as well as careful detailing of lead flashings to discharge water including hidden gutters.

New Electrical and Data Services

New electrical and data services were installed throughout together with low energy lighting. The heating and hot water for the properties is provided solely by new air source heat pumps improving the energy-efficiency of the buildings.

This development supports the National Trust’s goal to not install new oil boilers (creating a dependency on oil supply/deliveries) and to cut carbon emissions from energy use for heat and electricity by 45% by 2020.

The combination of sensitive conservation and modern solutions makes Silvergate Cottages an outstanding example of restoration.

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