Purcell project-managed the whole process and led a design team consisting of M&E engineers, structural engineers and exhibition designers. The project was a complex one involving English Heritage interpretation and presentation teams, an introductory exhibition, the incorporation of Pepper’s Ghosts technology and the fabrication of a significant number of large and small artefacts including furniture, textiles, paintings on canvas and other artefacts. The Angevin atmosphere within the Great Tower is enlivened by re-enactors of historic scenes, inviting intrigue and sometimes participation from visitors.

This scheme for English Heritage comprised the wholesale re-presentation of the Great Tower at Dover Castle creating interiors that evoke the character and atmosphere of the Tower during the reign of Henry II.

The completed interior of the first floor guest bedroom, with woven worsted wall drapes and trompe l’oeil overhanging canvases and a hand painted pictoral frieze at high level, hung on wrought iron rails.

The Royal School of Needlework hand-stitched the new heraldic banner, hung behind the painted and gilded King’s throne and footstool.

New banners were also added to the Palace Gates to mark the beginning of the journey to the Great Tower.

The first floor Guest Hall is laid out for a regal visit, complete with the King’s tableware, heraldic banners and wall mounted shields.

The principal interior rooms of the Great Tower were completely re-presented and the new exhibition lighting was dramatically enhanced by canvas blinds to the windows.