Established in 1928 under the Chinese Temples Ordinance (Chapter 153), CTC is a statutory body, overseeing the operation and management of 24 Chinese Temples in Hong Kong. Comprising four ‘Declared Monuments’, and another 17 classified ‘Graded Buildings’, these are some of Hong Kong’s most important surviving Chinese Temples.

Purcell was appointed to carry out a thorough study on 24 CTC directly administered Chinese temples. Through literature review and field study, we developed the conservation principles and processes, statement of significance, conservation and restoration approaches, policies and guidelines of these temples.


Starting with a literature study, we examined the current conservation practices against major International Charters in Heritage conservation. We conducted in-depth studies in traditional Cantonese architecture to analyse various architectural and construction features by photograph and illustration. The temples are rich in decoration on the roof, therefore aerial surveys are carried out using a drone to record the details.