Purcell was appointed Architect and Lead Design Consultant for the major renovation and refurbishment of the internationally-renowned luxury hotel, Mandarin Oriental at Hyde Park, London.


The completion of the Mandarin Hotel’s refurbishment embraces all 181 unique guest rooms, reception, function rooms, food and beverage areas including restaurants Bar Boulud and Dinner, and the spa.

The hotel has gained an extra floor to the Hyde Park Wing, with two Presidential Suites being built on the roof with impressive views over Hyde Park. Additionally, the exterior fabric was refurbished and repaired.

Throughout the renovation project, Purcell’s leading expertise has been fundamental, embracing guest rooms, function rooms, food and beverage areas, public areas and the spa. The hotel has gained an extra floor with two stunning fully accessible suites being built on the roof with a view overlooking Hyde Park.

Associate, Ray Higgins


A requirement of the refurbishment process was that the hotel remained open and operational. This practical and necessary condition imposed the challenge of facilitating both its installation to a high standard of quality and finish whilst maintaining the ambience and service expected of guests during the works.

Practical and coordinated design solutions were established to ensure that the implementation on site was as swift and cost-effective as possible, delivering efficient and lasting solutions. A holistic design approach was taken to ensure the highest standards of quality and finish for the luxury London hotel.

We enjoyed working with an international team of designers (in three different time zones). The scheme is a testament to the excellent collaboration that took place between the client, contractor and design team, resulting in a high-quality design project, ensuring this iconic London establishment is recognised as one of the finest hotels in the world.

Repair and restoration

All existing windows were replaced to provide solar thermal acoustic glazing and the exterior fabric was refurbished and repaired. This, in addition to extensive façade cleaning, repairs and alterations to external lighting, has made a dramatic improvement to the hotel’s aesthetic from both the Knightsbridge and Hyde Park frontages.

Presidential Suites

The rooftop plant and large satellite dishes were renewed and repositioned to make way for two new-build contemporary Presidential Suites overlooking Hyde Park. The creation of the penthouse suites within an extra floor to the hotel increases the hotel’s impressive offering of luxury accommodation. The suites comprise luxury bedrooms and bathrooms with lounge and dining spaces all opening onto private terraces and serviced by their own kitchens. The two suites can be opened up as one Grand Suite with panoramic views over London.

We’re thrilled that the project won several awards including the International Property Awards - Best Hotel Architecture, UK and International Hotel and Property Awards for the Best Hotel Suite Design. We were also awarded the RIBA Bespoke Access Award for our team's excellent approach to accessibility.