Drawing together three Cornish archive and library organisations, the centre will house the largest collection in existence of information for studying Cornwall’s people, places, history and culture, dating from 1150.

We led the creation of Kresen Kernow, a new archive and local studies centre for Cornwall, forming a part of the regeneration of Redruth. The derelict Redruth Brewery buildings have suffered damage as a result of two fires, but they still retain a strong visual appeal, providing an excellent setting for the new centre.

Our site appraisal and heritage impact assessment informed designs for the purpose-built archive facility, designed to fulfil conservation standards and comprises public search and exhibition spaces, education spaces, workshops, and staff and volunteer facilities.

The remaining brewery building has been conserved to provide the new accommodation and public facilities. The 100-year-old, 30m-high brick chimney will be retained as the last of its kind in Redruth. Wider regeneration plans centred around the brewery include housing, a hotel and micro-brewery.

Our design incorporates a large rooflight, introducing daylight to the heart of the building and allowing views of the landmark chimney. The characterful roofscape is retained and enhanced with contemporary copper insertions uniting the buildings into a cohesive whole.

Purcell was been appointed to lead the project team in adopting BIM Level 2 processes on this project. Collaboration is always a key component of any successful project, and adopting BIM Level 2 principles aligned to the clients brief has ensured a well-coordinated outcome for this project.