Established in 1855, The Grade II listed Market Hall in Holyhead, Wales is located in the heart of the town and rooted in community life. Purcell led the conservation and regeneration of this former market hall into a new community and learning centre.

Holyhead Market Hall, Wales, UK

The previously derelict building had been left to decay and ruin. Purcell developed the structure into a modern, sustainable centre that houses a library, event space and community functions for the local people to enjoy, meet and learn.

The process of restoring this landmark building to its newly realised appearance has involved the complete re-modelling of the building inside. This has ensured that the archaeology and historic features of the buildings site have been conserved in the most sensitive way.

Additionally, the key features that contribute to the appearance of the buildings local feel have been maintained and incorporated into the new contemporary interior.

Holyhead Market Hall, Wales, UK

The interior features a mix of social facilities that are modern and usable for a new generation, this includes study areas and multi-functional meeting space.

The new energy saving features ensure the effects of climate change are mitigated and that the carbon footprint of the building remains low.

In 2020, the project won the RICS Social Impact Award for Heritage in Wales.