Inside Big Ben’s Makeover: B1M meet the team behind the refurbishment of a British landmark

17 April 2020

B1M, the world’s most subscribed-to video channel for construction has been given access to the team behind the restoration of Elizabeth Tower — or Big Ben as it is commonly known.

During the most complete restoration in the building’s history, B1M’s Fred Mills met Purcell’s Andrew Dobson, who leads the project for Purcell.

As the film explains, the work on the tower entails the restoration of the building’s external fabric, renovation of the clock itself, improvements to internal areas, the addition of energy efficient lighting and the installation of a new lift.

The works on the clock face are the most significant of any that have recently been done and Andrew explains some of the key facets of this iconic feature.

Hands, numerals, and surrounding decoration are being restored to the original blue and gold colours specified in the buildings first design. The glass face is entirely replaced with hand made opal glass to closely match and replace the glass installed in the 1950s after being damaged in World War II. The refurbishment also encompasses the cast iron roof and extensive repair of the stonework.

The restoration is taking place in advance of a wider refurbishment of the UK’s Palace of Westminster.

Watch the video here.