Our Approach

Working within existing parameters of a site including setting and context, townscape, heritage assets and natural features, allows us to generate subtle schemes that take the context of a site and work with it to create the next step in a continuous evolution of that place. Our designs are always bespoke, feeding on the physical as well as socio-cultural heritage of the site. We do not have preconceived ideas when approaching a new place but prefer to spend time experiencing and then developing highly sophisticated ‘place making’ characteristics for the changes that will evolve. Our development masterplanning expertise covers both urban and rural sites:


Purcell has over 70 years of experience in understanding what makes urban ‘place’, with a proven track record in gaining extremely complex and difficult consents. Our national within regional model combines extensive resources with comprehensive local knowledge. Stakeholder consultation underpins our masterplanning work and we recognise it as an integral process for successful project delivery. We have found that contextual solutions seamlessly evolve from our heritage knowledge, enhancing our masterplans.

Rural Masterplanning

Purcell understands that local, regional and national traditions provide communities with individuality. Taking inspiration from traditional places and buildings allows us to maintain a balance with nature and society. Creating recognisable forms builds a sense of identity and prevents social alienation in our developments. Our thorough understanding of the place-making that has developed over many generations provides high quality environments that will form cohesive communities for tomorrow.