The diversity of our commercial projects is widespread; from office workspaces through to retail and factories, we have an incredible level of expertise to draw on. We use our own experience to plan, consult and design exceptional buildings for our clients and the communities that use them.

Alasdair Travers, Head of Design

Repurposing buildings in urban and rural settings is an important part of how environments evolve. As patterns of working and living change with time, buildings need to adapt to changing cultures and technologies.

From restoring and conserving a building’s fabric to the creation of contemporary buildings which complement an existing building’s structure, we create dynamic and vibrant properties that inspire the communities that work in and use them.

Purcell’s experience spans designing office workspace solutions as well as realising commercial uses in disused factories and mills. Our retail expertise encompasses shopping hubs to high street conservation plans. We’ll often be tasked with transforming buildings from one use into another and much of our work has involved the development of a wider masterplan.

Today’s clients want spaces that inspire, radiate creativity and are built with longevity in mind. Our heritage consultancy expertise empowers us with a strong understanding of a building’s capacity and flexibility to change, and we ensure that all our buildings become the most accessible they can be.

Our workspace and retail projects spark vigour and excitement across the communities which work within them, and our pragmatic approach ensures their future financial, social and environmental sustainability.