Treasury Building, 1873. (Source: City Museum Melbourne)

The Old Treasury Building is included on the Victorian Heritage Register and is one of the most well-known landmarks in Victoria. Constructed between 1857-62 and designed by noted architect J J Clark, the building now a museum of Melbourne history, once housed the Treasury Department of the Government of Victoria.


Lamps as constructed (2016) (Source: Purcell)

Purcell, in conjunction with GJM Heritage, provided heritage consultancy services for the restoration and refurbishment of the lamp posts and balustrades at the Old Treasury Building, Melbourne.

The client’s brief was to restore six lamp posts and balustrade stonework around the front area of the Old Treasury Building. The proposed restoration presented challenges with identified hazardous materials (lead paint), and the unknown condition of some stonework.


A key challenge for the team was determining whether enough original stones remained to repair locally or whether a full stone replacement would be required, potentially impacting on the cost of the project and the program. These issues were identified at an early stage and discussed with Heritage Victoria, allowing appropriate steps to be taken to limit potential impacts.

Condition of lamp following works. (Source: Purcell)

The completed project is testament to the quality of works undertaken based on concise heritage advice provided by Purcell and a collaborative approach with the contractor.