The Maufe Building, adjoining the Chapel at St. John’s College, was constructed in the 1930s by Sir Edward Maufe.

In June 2005, the Master and Fellows of St. John’s commissioned Purcell to prepare a feasibility study costing options for refurbishment of the student accommodation as well as the Porter’s Lodge, garages, the Song School, the IT Department and the Lady Superintendent’s department. We made recommendations on upgrading, reordering and extending the internal spaces and updating the building services.

The building location was sensitive as it is adjacent to the Grade I-listed Chapel. Disabled access was improved through the colonnade.

Following our report, we were appointed to deliver the detail design of internal alterations and external repairs, carrying out a program of works over phases to suit College operational and budget requirements. The work was completed in three phases over three years and has been delivered within budget and to all of the College’s deadlines.

The modern interventions are discreet so as not to distract from the character of the existing building. The character of the fine internal rooms was retained.

The curved arches of the Porter’s Lodge were a unique challenge where the building connects with the Chapel Colonnade. Part of the colonnade was enclosed to improve security and provide an extended Porter’s Lodge.