The house at Number 128 Pokfulam Road, also known as Jessville, is classed as a Grade 3 historic building. It was completed in 1931 as the home of barrister and public figure William Thomas Tam and his wife Jessie. The reinforced concrete building is embellished in an eclectic  blend of Italian Renaissance and Art Deco architectural styles, and it is a rare survival of colonial ‘European’ residential houses in Hong Kong.

Saved from the threat of demolition and redevelopment, the villa is to be converted to a number of smaller residential units. Purcell was employed to carry out a historical and architectural appraisal and to formulate a Conservation Management Plan to provide a framework and guidelines for future adaptive re-use of the building. A series of recommendations was also made on how best to safeguard the building during the alteration work. It was approved by Antiquities and Monuments Office (AMO) to satisfy a condition of the Lease.

Purcell has been further appointed as Conservation Architects to carry out detail design for the refurbishment of the external envelope and historic interior building fabric.