North Norfolk’s heritage is varied and extensive, including medieval ports, rural villages of flint and brick cottages around towering medieval churches, and a considerable historic milling landscape. To help the District Council better understand, protect, and encourage positive design within the setting of its heritage assets, we have prepared appraisals and management plans for four Conservation Areas and are working on another, the Glaven Valley.


Our advice forms heritage planning guidance for the care and enhancement of Conservation Areas on the North Norfolk coast which are currently facing development pressures. The appraisals are essential planning tools for the local authority in decision-making and provide guides for individuals, local communities and professionals planning development and change. The commission also includes preparation of heritage audits for each Conservation Area — the equivalent of a Local List.

A typical Loke In Blakeney

We have worked closely with the council to establish a ‘house style’ for the guidance, including making the document accessible and easy to use for a range of users. This includes clear navigation, a hyperlinked PDF, and layered mapping. We also engaged with the public, including giving a talk to a parish council and presenting our findings to the local public.

To see the completed CAAs for Blakeney, Cley, Morston and Wiveton, follow the link to the Council website.