Deteriorating vacant structures and loss of value

Lister Mills is a former industrial factory site in Bradford, previously owned by the Lister family based in North Yorkshire. The Mill was the largest silk factory in the world at one point, occupying a prominent position that influenced the development of the surrounding area.

In 1999 the building ceased to operate as a mill and a significant portion of the site, perimeter walling and shed structures had been abandoned and fell into significant disrepair and risk of collapse. A portion of the site has been regenerated to include a piazza and living apartments by Urban Splash.

Urgent repair

Purcell were appointed by Urban Splash to report on the condition of the abandoned Grade II* structures and provide proposals for managing the risk of collapse and stabilisation to enable them to be structurally sound and wind and water-tight.

Our initial survey took place in 2012, and we were subsequently appointed to revisit the findings and scope of work in 2018, and implement a programme of urgent stabilisation, dismantling and repair works.

Safeguarding the asset

Given the deteriorating nature of the site, we prepared a detailed site-specific risk assessment and visual inspection surveys were carried out from safe ground levels, existing platforms via drones.

We carried out full photographic survey, schedule of condition, plan of remedial and repair work, elevation drawings of areas to be repaired and provided ongoing maintenance plan advice.

Appropriate planning/listed building consents were also secured for the client in the process. This work has safeguarded the asset —halting deterioration and loss of value — and will now serve as a credible basis for continuing the regeneration of the site.