One of the main challenges was resolving the current arrangement of the club within its three principal buildings. While the buildings are linked, movement between them is restricted and there are a diverse range of sports and amenities to consider. The site will benefit from rearranging the club's facilities.

Established in 1851, the club aims to provide world class facilities for its 2300 members to play, train and socialise. We helped the club to develop a masterplan to guide their site’s evolution for the next 10 -15 years.

Our proposals identify four key areas for remodelling. These include improved spectator facilities, with external terraces and indoor restaurants and bars, improved changing facilities, better located to playing and training areas, a more promenant entrance with better connection to circulation routes, and additional internal and external sports facilities.

External terraces and large expanses of glazing provide comfortable vantage points to watch world-class cricket. Our proposals transform the club’s main entrance and reception, creating space for a new lift and an enhanced retail space inside. The club’s members will benefit from new and improved training facilities, including courts for netball, squash and tennis, a quarter size hockey pitch and an enlarged gymnasium.