Hayle is an important town in Cornwall’s industrial history, and two foundries - Copperhouse and Harvey’s - developed during the earliest stages of the mining industry to make important contributions for nearly 150 years, providing a range of equipment - including beam engines - and developing new techniques, designs and materials for manufacture.

Harvey’s Foundry is a two-hectare site on the western side of the town and is a designated World Heritage Site, containing many statutory listed buildings. Parts of the site have been re-used in two earlier phases of re-development to provide award-winning workspace for small businesses. However, the majority of the site, containing most of the important remaining buildings, remains unused.

Purcell was appointed by the Harvey’s Foundry Trust in September 2011 to develop a scheme to repair and convert two derelict Grade II-listed warehouse buildings and design a new extension to provide additional workspace on the site of a derelict structure destroyed by fire. The cluster of buildings contain a number of high-quality office suites which draw character from the industrial heritage of the town and are described by the owners as 'the pinnacle of a ten-year regeneration scheme'.

The redevelopment of Harvey’s Foundry aimed to engage heavily with the local community. A partnership with Cornwall College to create apprenticeships on site during construction proved very successful, with over 100 new jobs created within the 40 businesses now based on the site.