Government House Sydney

Office of the Governor

Situated within the northern end of the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney, just to the south of the Sydney Opera House, the Heritage Listed Government House Sydney and its surrounding buildings, is the Official Residence and Office of the Governor of New South Wales.

Purcell were engaged by the Office of the Governor to prepare a revision of, and update to, the 1997 Government House Sydney Conservation Management Plan.

The highly significant complex of buildings and its collections required management and conservation strategies to guide its use and operation; to assist in addressing any issues that might arise; and to ensure the development of proposals for sensitive change.

The Conservation Management Plan for Government House Sydney is a comprehensive guide for the conservation, maintenance, repair, and management of future change at the site.

Derived from a combination of historic research and on-site investigation, the Conservation Management Plan allows those who play a role in the management and maintenance of the house to understand its significance and value, aiding sensitive conservation and development.

Purcell led a multi-disciplinary team in the preparation of this Conservation Management Plan. The signifi cance of the place, and its collections warranted input across the fields of architecture, aboriginal cultural heritage, archaeology, cultural landscapes, and collections management.

Key to the delivery of this project was the need to collate these multi-disciplinary inputs into a cohesive management plan, and one readily implemented by those responsible for the care, management and conservation of the place.

Eastern terrace and axial view to Sydney Harbour (Guy Wilkinson Photography)