The Former Melbourne and Metropolitan Board of Works (MMBW) Western Regional Complex at Sunshine North, later known as the City West Water Administration Building and Depot Site, is a significant building designed by architectural firm A.K. Lines, MacFarlane and Marshall. The building forms part of a large site which is to be redeveloped into a fully integrated built form project.

Principal facade. (Source: Purcell)

Purcell, in collaboration with GJM Heritage provided heritage consultancy advice and a Conservation Management Plan (CMP) regarding the redevelopment of a Brutalist building in Sunshine North. The CMP is to accompany the submission of the Development Plan amendment for the potential redevelopment of the site.

Purcell were also engaged to provide a Heritage Impact Assessment of the proposed development in relation to the former MMBW Western Regional Complex.

Principal facade. (Source: Purcell)

The Conservation Management Plan provided Development Victoria and future owners with the understanding, advice and policies to appropriately conserve and enhance the significance of the place and to support the buildings’ ongoing use. It gave an understanding of the history and development of the Former MMBW Western Regional Complex at Sunshine North and considered the significance of the place and any potential threats to that significance.

Stair Tower Detail. (Source: Purcell)

The document informed where there was potential to enhance or reinstate significant fabric and features and established where there was potential for change.

The Heritage Impact Assessment directly addressed the development and subdivision of the surrounding area, focused on views to and from the existing building, and retained sufficient curtilage to allow the building to remain dominant within the landscape.