Heritage consultancy and architectural services

At Dob Park Lodge in Yorkshire, Purcell provided heritage consultancy and architectural services for a private client to achieve planning permission for the residential conversion of a ruined scheduled monument in an isolated rural setting.

This success followed a 10-year-long impasse with the local authority regarding the future development of the site. The ruined structure was built in the 17th century as a hunting lodge and proposed for restoration to a family home again.

While Historic England has been satisfied that the proposals would be beneficial to the site’s long-term conservation, the local authority still required justification that the development was appropriate in planning terms.

A feasibility study

Purcell tested the scheme under NPPF paragraph 79, which seeks to avoid the development of isolated homes in the countryside unless the development represents the optimum viable use, can re-use a disused building or be of exceptional design quality.

We produced a feasibility study that tested a number of costed, architectural use scenarios alongside a heritage impact assessment on the preferred design. Our report was submitted to the local authority and in 2018 the scheme was successfully awarded planning permission at committee.