Extensions to the listed building in its wider setting required an inspired and sustainable design solution and the underground linking of all hotel services across the site, incorporating the mansion’s original vaulted cellars required ingenious planning. The overall setting of the listed mansion is enhanced with concealed underground service yard with a training tennis court above and valet parking under two further tennis courts and a timber vaulted living roof.

The five-star hotel required additional facilities including a new luxury medispa with 7-star suites and woodland lodges, and a purpose built conference wing with a 120 seat auditorium that includes additional bedrooms and suites above.

The hotel’s new West Wing of luxury suites faithfully reflects the hotel’s original fabric, but in 21st century lime rendered, carbon negative, lime hemp walling. The new exposed green oak frame Conference Wing sits under a living roof on a masonry bastion with generous eaves and balconies to provide passive solar shading to two additional floors of suites.

The wedding suite encloses an existing courtyard under a timber glulam tsunami living roof, suspended in natural light around its edges, with an aisled slit of glass along its axis. The carefully plotted tsunami living roof was agreed with English Heritage and avoids all of the listed building features while providing a stunning wedding and function suite.

The new conference wing replaces the former insensitive conference and spa facilities and stands on a bastion under a green roof within the wooded Iron Age ramparts.

The three level medispa is concealed within the landscape as a double ha-ha within the former RAF terracing for wartime huts.