The Cascade Brewery is thought to be the oldest continuous brewery site in the country. The significance of the site is recognised through its listing on both the Tasmanian Heritage Register and Hobart Interim Planning Scheme. The site also sits within a Heritage Overlay.

Purcell was commissioned by BECA to prepare a Heritage Impact Assessment and assessment of significant fabric for works to Cellar 4 at the Cascade Brewery Site. The proposal sought to expand the brewing capacity of Cellar 4 through the development of an additional storey.

The site was devastated by fire in 1967, resulting in considerable loss of historic fabric. The resulting change in building form, together with the limitations of site operations and buildable space, constrained the siting of the required addition and its relationship to adjacent extant historic fabric.

View of people gathering hay besides Cascades Brewery 1910. (Source: Linc Tasmania PH30/1/2104)

Through an iterative design process, Purcell provided design input and conservation advice to ensure that the values and significance of the site were protected and views to adjacent significant structures retained. The additional storey was offset from adjacent significant structures to ensure their legibility and the protection of fabric, and materials were carefully selected to deliver a contemporary architectural outcome befitting of its context. Purcell provided input to the development of details where new fabric interfaces with extant significant fabric to ensure the long-term conservation of what little remains of the original Cellar 4. The developed design responds to the significant setting and context of the site and to the Performance Criteria and Works Guidelines of the local Council and Heritage Authority.