Part I Architectural Assistant

Josh Cordrey

Architectural Assistant

Josh Cordrey

1st Class Honours Degree in Architecture (BA Hons)

Josh joined Purcell in 2020 having completed his BA (Hons) at the University of Portsmouth. Josh has had several work experience opportunities prior to working for Purcell working at a range of chartered architectural practices in Kent, Hampshire, and London. He gained significant experience and contacts from his 2019 internship with Purcell before joining in 2020.

At Purcell, Josh's experience as an Architectural Assistant has ranged from large scale refurbishment and integration in historical context with a design team, to more smaller projects such as feasibility design studies on a Grade II listed Church.

More recently he has been working as a Part-Time Architectural Assistant on projects such as Madeira Terrace, in Brighton, and Tunbridge Wells Cultural and Learning Hub, while I study his MArch at the University of Kent.