A career at Purcell can take you to some interesting and unexpected places. With studios across the UK, Hong Kong and Australia our intrepid teams have worked on projects from the historic whaling stations of South Georgia, Scott and Shackleton’s Antarctic Huts, the former penal colony of Norfolk Island to Commonwealth war cemeteries in Europe, India and Myanmar among others. Purcell’s international work is driven by the passion and curiosity of our people to learn new skills and to share their expertise with others, both at home and abroad.


Melbourne © Ari Bakker

Purcell’s Australia heritage consultancy team have developed a fascinating mix of clients, providing heritage advice to World Heritage Sites, heritage bodies, charitable trusts, local authorities and private individuals, often in close collaboration with other world-class organisations. In NSW, we also provide architectural services to places of heritage significance.

The team’s diverse portfolio of projects ranges from city-scale transformative works, through to the production of Conservation Management Plans. Critical to this success has been the team’s ability and commitment to adapt, learn and develop

Purcell’s international practice presents unique opportunities for knowledge exchange – both our UK and overseas staff have the opportunity to engage in international projects, and to put training and practical skills into practice in new contexts. There’s something incredibly rewarding about expanding your horizon, learning new things and experiencing new places.

Tracey Skovronek, Partner

Hong Kong

Hong Kong © Ron Reiring

As a result of starting work on the Central Police Station in 2008, the Hong Kong office was established in 2010. Since then, Purcell has worked across sectors from places of worship and educational institutions to cultural projects and private residences. Hong Kong continues to be tough market but with the recent completion the Tai Kwun, the team have an extraordinary project to showcase the studio’s strength and ability across a wide range of services.

Moving to Hong Kong in 2011, I had a longstanding ambition to work internationally and with the historic connection with Great Britain and the English language, Hong Kong was an obvious choice. Hong Kong has been a welcoming city on both a personal and professional level. I’ve started my family here and have a 3 year old son with his Hong Kong born partner. Having initially worked for almost 6 years on one single project, Tai Kwun, I’m now embracing the challenge of balancing business development with overseeing 7 live heritage orientated-projects. Living here affords a number of key benefits, such as excellent infrastructure, low taxation, close proximity to many beautiful countries for travel, an exceptional fusion of Asian and Western cuisine, established arts scene and not forgetting the weather.

Steve Phillips, Senior Architect

There are tremendous benefits to being part of a larger organisation, with opportunities for overseas training and professional development, including Purcell’s in-house Conservation School, and the support of expert colleagues, from Scotland to Tasmania. Join Purcell and see where your career will take you!