Purcell recently signed an employer pledge with Time to Change. Yesterday was Time to Change Day 2019, and all of our studios took part in a range of activities to change how we think and act about mental health problems, and to give everyone an opportunity to chat.


Our Manchester studio had elevenses and a chat with homemade scones and have started a knitting group for a knit and a natter! They've also been taking a break to chat while planking — building core strength and making time to listen to each other. The Our Town Hall studio had tea and a talk with some homemade treats. As it’s a collaborative office, they included the wider design team with Arup and Mace joining in.


Our Norwich studio tried some yoga! The team learnt the Tree Pose, Eagle Pose, Warrior Pose and how to breath properly when stressed (in for the count of six, hold for the count of two, out for the count of eight). They're now going to have regular yoga sessions!


The London studio had a break and a chat with tea and cake, taking time to stop work for a while and listen to each other. At lunchtime, there was fresh fruit on offer and plenty of chatting over a game of table tennis!