We’re delighted to be part of The Museum of Architecture’s The Gingerbread City Advent Calendar! Visit the calendar each day during the run up to Christmas to look back at some of the spectacular buildings that Purcell and our fellow London-based Architects have designed over the years, while getting inspiration for festive recipes and family activities!

Last year, our London studio took part in The Gingerbread City, where we switched brick and stone for icing sugar and biscuits. Our team sculpted a gingerbread monastery complete with cloisters and stained-glass windows, illustrating the many places of worship that Purcell have been privileged to work on.

This year, The Museum of Architecture’s gingerbread celebration continues despite Covid-19 challenges, and the advent calendar is a fantastic way to celebrate the holiday season, while connecting the public to buildings that leading Architects across London have recently worked on. Please click here to learn more.