Purcell’s webinar events offer learning opportunities for professionals on a range of important topics. The following series of events draw on expertise from leading specialists in their field.

Significance in the Historic Environment

By Emma Byrant

This webinar examined:

- The concepts of heritage significance, the legislative background and the different ways significance can be defined.

- The ways to represent or articulate significance.

- How significance can be used to shape and guide design proposals and assess impact.

This webinar was hosted with the Bristol Civic Society via zoom at 1pm, Thursday 16th July.

To watch the recording of the event, please click here.


By Dan Hoogeveen

This presentation explored:

- The latest techniques of survey capture and translation into asset information for design.

- Explaining the principles of capture and conversion into modelled information including linked photography and how visualising a design is speeding up the design process for restoration works.

Dan's presentation began at 3pm on the 2nd of July as part of the Festival of BIM and Digital Construction run by the London Build Expo, which ran from 6th May – 15th July. The wider festival featured seminars and lectures from built environment professionals across the globe.

Click here to watch the recording on-demand.

Heritage Today Series

By Rebecca Burrows

This recorded, bite-sized webinar series examines the key concepts used by Purcell’s Heritage Consultancy team to inform change in the historic environment.

Each section will explain the best practices used on real-life case studies on projects both in the UK and Asia-Pacific and how each might be impacted by Covid-19.

- Monday 11th May: Why built heritage matters in a crisis and how disaster has shaped it. Watch now by clicking here.

- Monday 18th May:
Why an understanding of what makes a place special should inform change. Watch now by clicking here.

- Monday 25th May:
How to avoid harm to our built heritage. Watch now by clicking here.


By David Hills

David will provide an introduction to the ideas, theories and concepts behind conservation within the architectural space. The session will cover:

- What the motivations are for conserving, what to conserve and how we might achieve it.

- Recognised conservation principles, illustrated with examples of Purcell’s work including London’s Battersea Power Station, Fulham Palace, Yr Ysgwrn (Wales) and more.

- Themes such as the importance of understanding buildings and sites, how best to make interventions, selection of materials and incorporating new design.

Being held in conjunction with New London Architecture. 7th May 3-4pm BST (with live Q&A).

This event has now passed. A recording of the session can be watched here.