Purcell’s 20th Century Heritage Consultant, Jon Wright, has joined the prestigious ICOMOS ISC20C committee - a fantastic opportunity for Jon and Purcell to connect to debates that impact 20th-century heritage worldwide.

The ICOMOS Twentieth Century Heritage International Scientific Committee celebrates and conserves mid to late twentieth-century buildings; those that are most at risk through lack of recognition and protection. The committee forms an interdisciplinary group representing various specializations particular to the heritage places of the Twentieth Century.

ISC20C facilitates international and regional collaboration through diverse projects such as The Heritage Alerts project, which raises international public consciousness about specific places and sites currently under threat.

Further projects include the Socialist Heritage Initiative and the mASEANa project. ISC20C also actively disseminate knowledge in the field through the ongoing development of the ISC20C Heritage Toolkit.

To learn more about ICOMOS ISC20C, click here.