Partnering with the exciting Trailblazers Apprenticeship Scheme, Purcell are looking to employ 2 apprentices starting in the September 2019 academic intake. We are currently advertising for a Level 6 Apprentice (through the London South Bank BA degree level) and a Level 7 Apprentice (open to various University providers across the country). Successful applicants will start in the September 2019 academic intake.

Apprenticeships combine practical experience in the workplace with academic training provided by a university. A minimum of 20% of the apprentice's contracted hours must be spent undertaking this formal, 'off-the-job' training.

Each apprentice will have two Purcell Guides to assist them with their personal, technical and academic development throughout their 3- or 4-year apprenticeship.

Purcell is part of the Architecture Apprenticeships Trailblazer Group, supported by the RIBA, which developed the standards for the Architectural Assistant and Architect apprenticeships.