This year’s Purcell Design Programme focuses on ‘drawing as a visual language’ and explores how illustration can be used as a tool to communicate architectural concepts, capture atmospheres and represent thoughts.

Open to applicants from all studios of all levels, it aims to create a community of passionate designers, a space where Purcell colleagues can share ideas and learn from each other. The workshops range from engaging in discussions around the culture of drawing within the built environment to live drawing workshops and extended drawing exercises between sessions. The programme aims to develop new styles and techniques, nurturing the team’s confidence to become more expressive in their own visual languages.

Below are the group's drawings alongside the work that inspired their styles.

Breaking into smaller groups, each person in the programme shared a piece of work by another whose style they aspired to understand further. The first session ended with Design Partner Alasdair Travers introducing a homework piece: to interpret a view of Tai Kwun in your chosen style.

Oliver Beddard, Architectural Assistant

Smaranda Ciubotaru based on Lebbeus Woods

Andrew Thomson based on Paul Flora and Alexander Brodsky

Edward Patton based on Colin St John Wilson

Hannah Bowers based on Heath Robinson

Kags Alexander-Cahill based on Eva Jiricna

Matthew Northover based on Heijduk

Caroline Barnard based on Chamberlin Powell and Bon

Jessica Ryder based on Ed Crooks

Rebecca Stone based on Studio Waterhouse

Jenny Bedford based on Etienne-louis Boullee