Purcell are excited to launch a new initiative to help our teams express their creative side while they are working remotely in their homes.

The Purcell Design Programme is pleased to present the Stay Home: Stay Creative design charrette series.

This is a programme of design charrettes (which are short, intense design exercises) that are intended to be set once every two weeks for anyone in our practice to participate in. Briefs will respond to current trends in the built environment, but also explore themes relevant to Purcell and our diverse range of clients. They will provide an outlet for creativity and discussion, and aim to encourage new techniques for remote collaboration in these unprecedented times.

The brief for Charrette 1 was titled Talking through Windows:

This is an unprecedented situation in the world’s history – we have never been more connected as a global society, yet we have never felt so isolated. Adhering to the vital social distancing guidelines outlined by our governments, how would you encourage interaction in a time of no physical contact?

The brief for Charrette 2 was titled Home Improvements:

The past few weeks have seen bedrooms become studios, kitchens become offices, bathrooms become meeting rooms. Our lives and habits have had to change to suit this new working environment but how would you propose adapting your homes to improve comfort, functionality and creativity?

The output of the exercise is expected to produce one drawing, image or model for a group review. Each week a selected group of designs are showcased via social media channels.

The goal of the review will be that it then encourages discussion, curiosity, debate and creativity. The engagement the charrettes produce will then feed into our designs, plans and proposals when working and advising our clients.