On 1 May 2021 Purcell will become employee-owned. This is a pivotal moment in the practice's 73-year history that has taken years of careful planning to ensure sustainable future success.

We are moving the ownership of the business to a special trust that can permanently hold ownership for, and in behalf, of all the current and future employees of the business. Purcell can then remain independent forever.

On one level, this is a fundamental change to the ultimate ownership of the business. However, the reality is that on a day-to-day level our clients won’t notice any changes in Purcell.

Our teams of employees, culture, values and high-quality delivery standards will remain the same. This is one of the reasons for the change; we have an amazing team here that delivers exceptional results and we want to safeguard our ownership to ensure that this won’t change in the future.


It’s an exciting time for Purcell as we move to an employee-owned structure. This move now outlines the plans we have for the future strength of the business and our ability to continue delivering excellent design and consultancy to our clients both now and in the future.

Mark Goldspink, CEO.

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