Purcell are appointed Architects for the refurbishment of the Grade I Listed Our Town Hall. Our sensitive interventions and repairs will bring Alfred Waterhouse's famous building up to modern access and safety standards while transforming its visitor experience.

Purcell Apprentice, Matt Bullman, discusses his time working on Our Town Hall, what he’s learnt, and his future ambitions.

What have you most enjoyed about your apprenticeship?

I’ve loved the chance to work on the Our Town Hall (OTH) project, it has been so enjoyable! It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work on a project that is so unique and important to fellow Mancunians, it definitely has been a great way to start my career!

I’ve been involved in a number of different areas of the project that have allowed me to gain a great knowledge of design. Whether it's working on setting out drawings or surveying the mosaic flooring, it has been great to be involved in a wide range of the OTH work packages.


What have you learnt during your apprenticeship?

So much! Not only from how a complex project like this is run, but also about the finer details that go into the philosophy of heritage design and how diagrams at Stage 3 develop to become construction-ready documents.

The biggest lesson I have learnt from working with colleagues at Purcell is the value of good teamwork. It is a big project and ensuring that everyone works to the same beat is vital. This has been a learning curve but I've really enjoyed collaborating with the different teams!

What are your ambitions going forward?

When I started the apprenticeship I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do in my future career. Working at Purcell has inspired me to pursue a career in architecture, and I’m looking forward to attending the University of Salford in September to begin studying Architecture. My time at Purcell and the experience that I have learnt working on Our Town Hall will be really useful throughout my studies.

Being surrounded by heritage restoration experts during my apprenticeship who are enthusiastic to share their knowledge has been a wonderful opportunity and provided me with extremely useful experience that I can use in my future career.