Similarly to many businesses across the world, in 2020 our practice had to quickly adapt and learn new methods of working, and despite the unique pressures that 2020 has brought us all, we have retained our focus on environmental improvements, and are delighted to announce we have achieved Net Zero Carbon status in our day-to-day operations.

In addition to a significant reduction in business travel, energy and paper use, this milestone will deliver immediate results, and is a positive action towards Purcell’s commitment to sustainability as a business imperative.

Across all our departments, from technical to support, we are committed to sustainable practice, and we regularly monitor our performance. During 2020, we undertook a strategic review of our approach to environmental performance by revisiting and updating our Carbon Governance Strategy. This was first established in 2010, and our target was to achieve a 40% absolute reduction in our carbon footprint by 2020. This was achieved in 2014, and has been improved upon since then.

We have offset all of our operational carbon emissions for 2020 and aim to maintain a net zero carbon position for our business going forwards once the current restrictions are lifted. Although we celebrate this important milestone across our practice, our Build Back Better initiative aims to retain this milestone throughout 2021 and beyond.