I’m delighted that Purcell is transitioning to become an employee-owned practice in May 2021. This is a great development in our history, and for me, employee-ownership is centered around leaving a legacy for Purcell as the fantastic business we have evolved into.

Purcell's Staff Day Out 2019

Since our beginning, Purcell has always been inclusive, and prides itself on our employees contributing to our direction. Our move to becoming employee-owned is simply a progression of this culture, and our ethos of transparency, fairness, and collective vision. It is a natural steppingstone which epitomizes this, and I’m delighted that our staff will become owners of the practice, and will have an increased share of its benefits and rewards.

Architects are creative people and have a strong social conscience, and that is part of which attracts the profession to become employee-owned as they have a strong collaborative approach, where everyone’s voice and opinion matters.

A year from now, I'd like to see more people feel they have made a contribution to Purcell’s development. And that everyone understands and sees that they are a very important part that makes us successful. That they can look back on themselves and their colleagues and understand that their contribution has made a significant impact, and that they can be really proud of that.

As we transition to employee-ownership I’m hoping that everyone, across all levels and roles will have the confidence in their ability to influence the business in expertise and strategic input. That’s key for me, and I’m looking forward to seeing what the years ahead bring.