This week (4-8th March) is National Apprenticeship Week 2019. At Purcell, we believe apprentices are an extremely valuable addition to the workplace, and that they bring new energy and enthusiasm. Through our work on Manchester Town Hall, we have been working with apprentices as part of the M Futures programme led by Manchester City Council. The scheme has given young people the opportunity to gain a Construction and Building Services Management Level 4 NVQ and an HNC qualification while acquiring invaluable industry experience. Purcell has offered apprentices the chance to develop their skills in an exciting architectural environment.

In addition to the apprentices working on the Our Town Hall project, our admin apprentice, Tyler, started with us in May last year. We spoke to Tyler, as well as Judah and Matt from Our Town Hall, about their time working with Purcell. Throughout this week, we’ll be sharing their thoughts on apprenticeships in the architectural, design and construction industries starting with Tyler.

How did you find out about the apprenticeship scheme?

Through the Government apprenticeship page.

What is the most important thing you have you learned from the scheme so far?

How to work effectively as part of a team with clear communication and decision making.

What has been your highlight so far?

The Purcell day out. I met people from the other offices in person that I had only previously emailed or spoken to on the phone.

Would you recommend a similar apprenticeship scheme to others if they were considering it? Why?

Yes! It allows you to develop a wider variety of skills and abilities than I ever thought, whilst earning a qualification and working.

Describe your time working with Purcell in 3 words.

Different each day.

Has the scheme changed your career aspirations or influenced what you want to do in the future?

The scheme has emboldened my aspirations, as I have been able to fulfil them in a fun and professional working environment.

What kind of things have you been working on?

As an administration apprentice, my tasks change each day. One day I can be working through H&S reports and the next helping to create a Design and Access Statement for a new project.

Has the scheme allowed you to develop your skills and improve your knowledge of the industry?

Definitely! There are so many things that I had a fleeting interest in prior to working here but now I have a new appreciation, interest and knowledge of different areas of the industry.

What did you hope to gain from the experience? Has it met your expectations so far?

I hoped to gain a better understanding of what it takes to keep an office ticking over and over the last year, I have learnt that and more.

Keep an eye out for Judah and Matt's interviews later this week!