Associate Justin Metcalfe from Purcell’s Oxford studio will join the AJ Summit Workshop: Envisioning the Future of Buildings, a virtually hosted event on the 11th of March where a group of Architects from practices across the country will come together to discuss the sustainable future of our built environment.

The group will discuss key trends in the debate; from discussing sustainability and circularity to building typologies in a changing environment. The workshop will be published on the Architect Journal’s website afterwards.

During the past 12 months we’ve faced an unprecedented global threat which has changed the way we live our lives. Our collective response to the pandemic has been remarkable, with each of the key stakeholders working towards a common-goal to find a solution; from the government, to academia and the general public. This response should be used as a blueprint for tackling the global threat of climate change and the urgent need to live more sustainably. The AJ Summit Workshop provides an opportune moment to re-assess conventional ways of thinking to consider how the future of buildings are envisioned. I’m looking forward to being part of this discussion and listening to the views of leading figures within the industry.

Justin Metcalfe, Associate