As part of The Twentieth Century Society’s C20 India 2019 tour, Purcell's 20th Century expert, Jon Wright discussed Purcell projects and approaches to C20 buildings at the Chandigarh College of Architecture.

The Twentieth Century Society aims to safeguard the heritage of architecture and design in Britain from 1914 onwards. The society exists to protect the built environment and the designs within it that characterise Britain within the Twentieth Century.

As part of the society’s fruitful annual event programme, C20 India aims to extend the knowledge and appreciation of modernist structures.

C20 India included visits to four cities within India: Delhi, Chandigarh, Gujarat and Mumbai.

The programme discussed reflections of political and social change within the area, illustrating how architecture can be used to impress, inspire and delight.

As part of the tour, Jon presented at the Chandigargh College of Architecture, on ‘Why Conserve Architecture?’ Alongside Catherine Croft, the Director of the C20 Society and editor of the C20 magazine.