Thought leadership: 'Conservation architecture is not a niche. It’s the mainstream'

14 March 2023
Mark Goldspink, CEO of Purcell

Purcell’s core values have remained unchanged, but the world has shifted around us.

Today, 75 years after Purcell was founded, the climate emergency increasingly requires that every architect should embrace the inherent value of our built heritage.

In today's online edition of Building Design, CEO Mark Goldspink discusses heritage and conservation architecture as being at the forefront of innovation within the built environment, the first in a series of thought leadership articles in the publication.

Visit Building Design to read more about how the role of conservation in architecture is becoming alike to ecological conservation, and how Purcell is uniquely equipped to tackle problems posed by the climate crisis with a future-oriented approach to protecting, adapting and enhancing our built heritage.

Purcell's Conservation School, on site at Canterbury Cathedral last year